Rohi Somon Naft

The limited liability company “Rohi Somon Naft” started its activity in 2014.

Until September 2018, the company provided its services through filling stations “STATNEFT”.

On 17 September 2018 filling stations of the company have changed names and trademarks, and is remained to “Rohi Somon”. Filling stations “Rohi Somon” became the owner of the License of the Patent Office of the Republic of Tajikistan and was registered in the state reregister of trademarks and service brands.

Along with the development of wholesale deliveries of fuel, a limited liability company “Rohi Somon Naft” has established the retail sale of fuel through a private network – of filling stations with a single brand – “Rohi Somon” (former STATNEFT). Presently in Sughd region there are 6 filling stations of this company. At the same time, another filling station point is ready for commissioning, and the construction of three other filling stations has gained a new impetus. The filling stations are being built using the most advanced technologies and meet the requirements of international standards. In order to ensure transparency of taxation, LLC Rohi Somon Naft concluded a tripartite agreement between LLC Faroz-pardokht and the Tax Committee under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. At the disposal of the company there are 11 sites where during 2019-2022 the construction of filling stations is planned. The total volume of fuel storage capacity is 6,500 cubic meters and 500 tons of liquefied gas. In filling stations “Rohi Somon” customers are offered all kinds of fuel – gasoline, liquefied gas and diesel fuel. At the filling stations there are always a relatively required types of fuel.

Products being sold after delivery, transportation and storage are laboratory tested, and only then allowed for sell. The fuel is purchased from the advanced producers from Russia, Kazakhstan and meets the quality standards and has a positive effect on the engine. Since December 2018, the network of LLC “Rohi Somon Naft” filling stations began selling diesel fuel with a brand “ECTO” with a single brand “Rohi Somon”, which has excellent consumer and environmental qualities. In the filling stations, special attention is paid to the high level and excellent quality of service that meet international standards of reliability and safety. Filling stations are built in places with the greatest convenience for the entry and exit of vehicles. They have automated accounting systems and customers can pay for products by Bank cards. The surrounding area of the filling stations is well-organized, minimarket services, car chemicals, technical services, fast food for the road are offered, including 7 types of coffee and tea.

Due to the good service, affordable prices and high quality of fuel, the number of customers both from among the population and from among of corporate clients increases from day to day.


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Навъи сўзишвориҳо

Дар шабакаҳои ҶДММ «Роҳи Сомон Нафт» бо бренди ягонаи «Роҳи Сомон» навъҳои зерини сўзишворӣ барои наклиёт фурўхта мешаванд

  • сўзишвории автомобилии навъи «АИ-92-К-5-Евро»
  • сўзишвории автомобилии навъи «АИ-95-К-5-Евро»
  • сўзишвории дизелӣ барои автомобил
  • сўзишвории дизелии навъи «ЭКТО»


TJ, Sugd region
​B. Gafurov, H. Usmonov
Street F. Akhmedov 21-А
+992 3422 4 18  88


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