Acquire free trips to Dubai from “Rohi Somon Naft”!

With the purpose of improving the quality of service, customers encouragement and dedicated to the National Flag Day of Republic of Tajikistan “Rohi Somon Naft” announces “Be with us!” promotion.
Current promotion will last from October 15th until November 20th of 2019 and is concluded on National Flag Day and the participants are awarded with tourist trips to Dubai.
The drivers of private cars, public transportation, trucks, companies and organizations, including private entrepreneurs can participate in the promotion.
The winners will be selected with the criteria of purchasing fuel for amount of 7 thousand TJS for drivers of private cars, public transportation, trucks and 25 thousand TJS for companies and organizations despite their form of property, whose transportation purchases fuel from “Rohi Somon” gas stations.
The special computer program will randomly pick the winner of the promotion.
“Rohi Somon Naft” travel the world with us!