Rohi Somon Naft

Fuel quality of “Rohi Somon” is trustworthy.

The drivers of various specialties, as well as various organizations and businesses are satisfied with the location of filling stations of “Rohi Somon” (former STATNEFT) and the quality of services rendered in these stations.

The Department of environmental protection of Sughd region is one of the organizations whose vehicles are refueled in the filling stations of “Rohi Somon”.

During the choice of cooperation of Rohi Somon filling stations such characteristics as time saving, high quality of all types of fuel and service culture have contributed. Taking into consideration these factors, the environmental protection Authority is satisfied with the cooperation with “Rohi Somon Naft”

For several years so far Mirzorustam Yusupov and Gafforjon Mirsaidov, being the drivers of minibus route No. 57, provide services to residents and guests of Khujand. For the timely transportation of passengers, safe driving and to maintain the passenger carrying vehicles in good technical condition, the quality of fuel is of great importance.

For this reason, Mirzorustam Yusupov and Gafforjon Mirsaidov purchase diesel fuel for their passenger carrying vehicles in the filling stations of “Rohi Somon”.

“We always have full confidence in the quality of the fuel filling stations of “Rohi Somon”, located in ” Yova Aral” area. Along with this, we are used to timely service and good treatment of employees of the filling stations. Therefore, we are their regular customers”, – said the drivers.

It should be noted that customers and drivers always have the opportunity to purchase quality fuel in all filling stations of “Rohi Somon”, which has a certificate of compliance with all regulatory requirements and standards.

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