Novelty in “Rohi Somon” gas stations

Great opportunity appeared for the customers of “Rohi Somon” gas station, which is located in 7th micro district of Khujand city as in the named gas station the sale of grocery products and coffee is launched.

The customers have an opportunity to purchase sweets, pastry and bread from foreign and local producers and drink coffee and tea while refilling their automobiles.

“Rohi Somon” gas stations shops provide coffee, tea and other grocery products, which are located in the areas of “Qotma” of Ghoziyon municipality, “Yova-Aral”, bus stop “Arteli 1 May”,  H. Usmonov municipality of B.Ghafurov district, “Gas Station in 7th micro district”, and including in T.Uljaboev municipality of Spitamen district and in highway of Khujand-Dushanbe.


Welcome to purchase quality fuel and sweets with natural coffee from “Rohi Somon” gas stations and shops!

Deserving service for you is our goal!