Purchase fuel wholesale from “Rohi Somon Oil”company

“Rohi Somon Oil” company expands its activity on wholesale of fuel. With the sale of diesel, petroleum and LPG in its gas stations, where the service provided by one brand “Rohi Somon” to the customers in Sughd region, the company intends to organize the wholesale of fuel in the southern part of the country.

As the process of realization of this goal, in the second part of the day trains with high quality diesel fuel reached the main train station “Dushanbe 2”.

It is important to mention that diesel fuel brand is DT-L-K5 and was imported from “Orsk Oil Refinery” of Russian Federation. For the current fuel, quality certificate is awarded by related state agencies.

Hereafter “Rohi Somon Oil” accepts unlimited proposals from fuel retail traders.

Contacts for purchasing fuel wholesale:

92 833 04 00

777 11 77 71