• Loyalty program cards are sold at all Rohi Somon Oil filling stations. The cost of the card is 10 somoni.
  • You can check the number of accumulated bonuses on your card through your “personal account” on the “BONUS RSN.TJ” mobile application or by calling the company’s contact center by phone: 7711
  • You need to block the card immediately. To do this, you need to write or call the contact center by phone: 7711, 3422 4 18 88 and provide the number of the lost card or your data. If you do not remember the card number, it is enough to provide the surname, date of birth, mobile phone number (the data that you provided when purchasing the card).

    When transferring bonuses from a lost card to a new lost card, it is blocked.

  • If you are unable to register in the “personal account” application, please call the contact center by phone: 7711, 3422 4 18 88, we will help you.
  • download and install the BONUS RSN.TJ mobile application;

  • enter your phone number;


  • receive a confirmation SMS CODE;

  • enter the code from the received SMS;

  • you have successfully registered;


With the BONUS RSN.TJ mobile application, you can:


  • view the current balance;

  • use the accumulated points;

  • view the map of the gas station;

  • calculate the route;
    view your purchase history.

The fuel card of the Rohi Somon Neft filling station network can be obtained by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Fuel card holders have a number of obvious advantages:

  • availability of a personal account with the ability to control fuel residues
  • free issue of fuel cards
  • free monthly maintenance of fuel cards
  • tracking all card transactions in real time
  • quick change of limits, types of fuel, blocking / unblocking
  • the presence of video surveillance to control the fact of refueling the purchase of automobile fuel at the gas station confirms the sales receipt of the accounting terminal

You can order a fuel card in one click by leaving a request on our website at the link rsn.tj/toplivnye-karty/