New tariff of the bonus scheme

Now Rohi Somon customers can get a bonus of up to 20 dirams for each liter of fuel. When buying a storage card, you will be offered the Barakat tariff, and from this tariff you will be able to receive a bonus of 10 dirams for liquefied gas fuel. After that, if your purchase during the month increases from 100 to 199 liters, you will already be able to receive 15 dirams next month. Also, if your purchase exceeds 200 liters per month, there is an opportunity to receive a bonus of 20 dirams from each liter.

As for petrol and diesel fuel, 10 dirams will be deducted from each liter when buying a card. Within a month, when buying from 60 to 119 liters of gasoline or diesel fuel, you will receive a bonus of 15 dirams. When buying more than 120 liters in the last month, you can get 20 dirams.

And here from shops there are 2-3 and 5 percent. Shop rates depend on the purchase of fuel. If your tariff changes from gas, petrol or diesel fuel, the percentage of the store is the same: Barakat – 2%, Afzun – 3% and Zarrin – 5% will be replaced.

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